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Apr 19, 2019

Whatever Doesn’t Kill You, Makes You Adaptive - Jeremy Ogle
Jeremy Ogle of You Adapt is featured in this episode and we talk all kinds of stuff about adapting and the adaptive world.  Jeremy lives by the motto that Whatever Doesn’t Kill You, Makes You Adaptive.  In the episode we discuss,
  • Jeremy’s story, including his injury, the recovery process, and how he rebuilt his life in a big way.  
  • You Adapt, Jeremy’s organization.
  • Jeremy’s activities in the adaptive sports world.
  • Para Spartan
  • How to stay driven after an injury.
  • Important organizations that supported Jeremy and other adaptive athletes.
  • A whole bunch of other adaptive related stuff.  It’s a podcast, go listen while you’re doing whatever, come on...
Jeremy Ogle sustained a Brachial Plexus injury on June 20, 2015 during a motorcycle accident, resulting in paralysis of his upper left extremity.  His daughter was born just three months after his accident. Leading up to her birth, he battled depression and many other complex physical and emotional challenges. Jeremy was walking a pretty tough path after his injury and at the same time he became a father.  Pretty shortly after, Jeremy made a major decision to change his life physically and mentally.  Symbollically he hiked one of his favorite mountains and dumped his pain meds in the dirt, crushed them and his new life began.  Jeremy Ogle has earned countless medals in multiple sports, especially within adaptive crossfit and obstacle course racing, and recently Jeremy was one of four team members that took home the title for the first ever Spartan Para Elite Team.  Jeremy is super driven and has made positive impacts through public speaking, mentoring, forming You Adapt, and especially sharing his life so others can see true perseverance.  I should also mention Jeremy’s a personality, he’s really fun, and he’s got one of the best social media presences I’ve encountered.
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