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Jul 19, 2019

Just Dance No Matter the Challenges with Xoe Xapoian and Beyond DA Adversity with Chris Pulley 
In todays show we talk with actress and model Xoe Xapoian and listen to her story and learn about her documentary called Just Dance: The Xoe Xapoian Story.”  This is a short documentary film focusing on her life and her...

Jul 4, 2019

Be More Adaptive, The Active Amputee, and Prone to Ride

Today we got a stacked episode with Caitlin Conner of Be More Adaptive, Bjoern Esser of The Active Amputee, and Jacob Pacheco from Prone to Ride, so tune in.

We discuss

  • Be More Adaptive (BMA) and it’s mission, what BMA does for you, where it’s going, and...