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Mar 21, 2019

This podcast episode is all about adapting to your new normal and Richard Corbett from Wheels2Walking (W2W) joins us.
Nine years ago Richard Corbett fell 50 feet which resulted in significant injuries including a spinal cord injury.  Richard Corbett began a long road of adapting.  The road has led to Richard Corbett launching a platform called Wheels2Walking and he is making profound impacts within his community and the adaptive world.  Richard is especially impacting those that have gone through a significant injury and need to adapt to a new normal, as he calls it!
In this episode we discuss,
* Richard Corbett’s injury, his adaptive path, and finding your new normal after a dramatic life change.
* Wheels2Walking, what it’s about, what it offers our listeners.
* Insights on what Richard Corbett found effective when adapting and this includes overcoming physical and mental challenges spanning from learning to move again, dark depression, addiction, and other significant challenges.
A New Normal - Wheels2Walking - 037
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