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Apr 6, 2018

016 - Peter Cossaboon - Blind Pete Shares his Story and His Life of Conquering Endurance and Obstacle Course Races as a Visually Impaired Athlete In this episode I interview Peter Cossaboon. Peter is well known in the world of obstacle course racing. Peter races and he happens to also be visually impaired. Peter has a tenacious passion for completing in some of the toughest obstacle races in the world, with his guide running alongside him. His race portfolio is extensive including the Spartan Super, the Spartan Sprint, the Spartan AGOGE, Tough Mudders, the Savage Race, and more. He has qualified for the Spartan World Championship and the Obstacle Course Racing World Championship. Pete is also involved in various organizations, some focused on returning wounded veterans, he is sponsored by Asea, Longevity Fitness, The Original Warrior Pack, Legend Bourne, and Burst Energy Gel. Peter Cossaboon often goes by the name "Blind Pete.” He also raises awareness for the visually impaired community and we talk about some of the things he works on in this realm. Listen in to learn how Peter Cossaboon adapted. Find Pete on Facebook at: Joey McGlamory on Facebook and Instagram: Orgs talked about on the show: This podcast is brought to you by Living Adaptive with Scott Davidson. Go to for more information. Instagram: Facebook: