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Sep 3, 2018

Everyone will deal with loss. Whether the loss is losing a loved one, a marriage, your personal health, or whatever, we will deal with loss and grieving. The guest this episode will talk about loss and grief. When Kendra Zierau was 35 she lost her husband to colon cancer and found herself a widow, a single mom to three young kids, and immersed in a life she never planned to live. Kendra was overcome with grief, struggled with waking up each day, and struggled with the loneliness. Her life was horrifically changed.

Fast forward, Kendra Zierau is now a well respected grief coach and helps others deal with loss and working through the grieving process.

In this episode, Kendra sits down and provides a glimpse into dealing with grief after loss in a healthy manner. She offers tools and insights from her personal and professional life as a grief coach. Kendra states, “grief is universal, but how each person processes through grief is different. My passion is to help people live their best life and that means dealing with difficult issues.” Check out this episode and hear Kendra’s remarkable story and begin to learn how to work through grief.


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