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Apr 4, 2019

The World Owes You Nothing So Be Bold And Fight - Rustin Hughes
Rustin Hughes is an experienced mixed martial artist (MMA) and has fought as a professional.  Rustin started B-Bold, a veteran-owned nonprofit in 2016 to help individuals with disabilities through adaptive sports.  Rustin is an amputee (above the knee) due to complications with blood clotting.  Rustin recently fought and won his most recent professional mma fight.  Rustin joins us and we discuss,
  • Rustin’s story of adapting.  This includes life as a caregiver.  Rustin provided care and support to his wife for ten years before she passed due to cancer.  Also, Rustin tells his story about becoming an amputee not long after the passing of his wife.
  • B-bold, Rustin’s non-profit, how it started and the mission of B-bold.
  • Rustin shares why the world owes us nothing and we need to fight for what we want.  
  • Rustin is driven and we talk about perseverance through set backs and how he found rich meaning out of the challenges he faces.
More about B-Bold
Rustin Huges named the business after his late wife of nine years, who passed away in 2012 at age 36 after a long battle with brain cancer. "Brandy was bold. That was her motto, be bold," he says. "She was strong, and that's why she survived so many years.  
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