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Sep 17, 2018

In this episode, Brent Poppen talks about finding hope in the darkest moments and how to bring hope to others.  Brent is widely know for his motivational speaking, writings, advocating for the adaptive, his role in the Academy Award nominated film Murderball, and winning in the paralympics.  Brent also works in a bunch of other significant realms, including rehabilitation counseling at a Children’s Hospital.  Brent and I talk about his Pushing Hope in 2018 movement.
Also, in this episode you will hear Brent Poppen tell his story of surviving the Las Vegas tragedy, life after a spinal cord injury, and a bunch of ideas on how to bring hope to yourself and to others.  Brent is really focused on bringing hope to others, no matter how difficult the circumstances.  He discusses tools for how to handle the sadness and darkness.  Brent tells us the very FIRST thing he does when everything falls apart and the future is uncertain and feels bleak.  We also talk about post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Brent’s says his mission is to “Inspire and motivate students using my life, to believe through adversity dreams are attainable."  
In our previous interview with Brent, he discussed how suffered an incomplete break in his spinal cord rendering him quadriplegic.  This occurred when he was 16 years old during a wrestling accident.  In the interview, Brent talks about how life is pretty damn uncertain and provides many ways to deal with uncertainty, hardship, disability, and much more.  
Pushing Hope with Brent Poppen - 023 
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