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Oct 16, 2019

Giving a Hand - Jeff Soelberg

Today you will hear the story of the nonprofit Jeff Giving a Hand, the adaptive story of the founder Jeff Soelberg’s, and what Jeff Soelberg is building out of the adversity.  So tune in

About Jeff Soelberg

In July 2016, Jeff was in a work accident that resulted in a partial hand amputation. During this new beginning he searched for help in navigating his new life. While there are resources out there, they were often hard to find. After traveling and competing within the adaptive community—and now that he knows the territory more—Jeff wants to change that. He has seen the strength in this community, but he has also noticed the need for more information and access to better resources. This website serves that need.

More about Jeff Giving a Hand

Jeff Giving a Hand is a community website that provides resources for adaptive people—whether these resources are training videos, counselors, doctors, or more. Our purpose is to help you become your best self and to get back to doing what you love. If you have any resources you would like included, please send your information or comments to

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