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Dec 6, 2019

The documentary Despite the Loss arrived after nearly a decade of work that involved interviews, self-evaluation, and a quest of self-acceptance.  Despite the Loss is a documentary about Limb Difference and self acceptance.
In this episode we talk about,
  • Director Jason Schneider's adaptive story and his life directing Despite the Loss.
  • Traits found in those that accept loss and physical differences
  • Rolling the dice and investing your time and money and risking so much to make a passion project
More about Jason Schneider
Jason is an editor with over a decade of credits in film and television. He began his career working alongside several Academy & Peabody Award winning filmmakers, and has personally been nominated for four NY Emmys. His credits include documentaries for ESPN, PBS, and several NY Emmy winning series. With an extensive background in documentary and television, Jason's passion, first and foremost, is to tell a compelling story. Despite The Loss is his directorial debut.
More about Despite the Loss 
In his directorial debut Jason Schneider set out to parallel his own story of overcoming adversity on the racetrack with stories of others like him. His thesis? That amputees don’t see the world through, or buy into, a disabled label. But when an accident forces him to question the very meaning of disability, his sense of self unravels. Through personal accounts, interviews with the people who know him best, and profiles from a diverse group of amputees, Jason dissects and reframes his life, intertwining the trials and tribulations of building a race car with his personal journey for self acceptance.
Find Despite the Loss and Jason Schneider here
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