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Dec 21, 2019

David Funk is a stuntman, performer, and top level Obstacle Course Racing and Ninja Coach.  What separates David Funk from other top level OCR and Ninja coaches is that he also coaches para/adaptive athletes.  David Funk has a lengthy career as a stuntman and performer and currently performs out of Las Vegas and coaches at Camp Rhino (Las Vegas).
You will hear,
-David Funk’s story and experience as a performer and coach.
-His experience training para athletes (such as the host Scott Davidson) for the Para Spartan Team World Championships airing on ESPN 12/22/19.
-David Funk’s approach to working with adaptive athletes.
-David Funk’s template regarding how to get involved and train for OCRs and if you’re an adaptive athlete how you can work with David Funk and his gym.
More About David Funk
David Funk has well over 20 years in entertainment doing stunts in live shows and film, fire performance, sideshow, and various circus acts all over the U.S. and Mexico. The simple goal, "Keep Moving" made a natural transition into the world of fitness. However, it wasn't enough to JUST work out, it had to be creative, playful, fun. The world of Parkour, OCR (obstacle course racing), and NOC (ninja obstacle course) was just that. He is a top level certified instructor for the World Freerunning and Parkour Federation; a course tester for "American Ninja Warrior", 2016 UNAA semi-finalist, and 1st place winner of Camp Rhino's "100 Obstacle Challenge", among other top rankings in ninja and parkour competitions. He also continues to successfully compete in the world of OCRS and is know for mastering any obstacle in his path.  
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