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May 23, 2019

Creating Athletic Opportunities for All - Angel City Sports (Clayton Frech)
We got one hour packed with adaptive content.  Throw in the earbuds, turn up the volume, and listen in to Clayton Frech the founder and president of Angel City Sports.  Angel City Sports is one of the leaders in the worldwide Paralympic movement.  Angel City Sports is based in Southern California, creating sports opportunities for anyone with a physical disability.
We discuss,
  • The upcoming Angel City Games presented by The Hartford (June 20th-23rd in Los Angeles).
  • How Clayton Frech ended up in the adaptive world (hint his son).
  • The beginnings of Angel City Sports and what it takes to develop an org of this caliber.
  • We talk about competing, adaptive athletes, growing a brand, and a bunch of other good stuff.
Find Angel City Sports using the links below,
More about Clayton Frech
Clayton spent his professional years in many different sectors but mostly in the business world.  Around 2005, Clayton’s life changed when his son was born with limb differences.  Clayton jumped into the adaptive world with his son Ezra.  Being that Clayton is really driven and passionate, he decided to leave the corporate world behind, and take his aggressive, entrepreneurial approach to solving the problems of access to sports, recreation, and an active lifestyle for the adaptive tribe and he began Angel City Sports.
Angel City Games presented by The Hartford
In June 2019 the 5th annual Angel City Games presented by The Hartford commences.  This is the largest Paralympic-style adaptive sports event in the Western US! Angel City Sports added more sports to the schedule this year and anticipate hosting their largest event ever.  The Angel City Games has athletes of all ages and levels spanning the amateur to the olympian.
More about Angel City Sports
The mission of Angel City Sports is to create sports opportunities for adults, children, and veterans with physical differences and impairments. Our goals are to encourage physical ACTivity and demonstrate LEADership to strengthen the adaptive sports movement. Our initial programming focus is on Southern California, but our events and programming will draw athletes from all over the country.
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