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Mar 11, 2020

Ben Huntzinger is an inventor, athlete, and straight forward personality.  Ben was paralyzed in an automobile accident in 2009 and broke his back (T-4 level).  Ben wasn’t satisfied with the options that currently existed in terms of wheelchairs and attitudes and so he decided to jump out of the box and innovate a chair that worked for him and got him on all different types of terrains.
Watch/Listen to hear, Ben’s adaptive story, why he decided to invent a new all-terrain chair, how he fears no competition and in fact encourages competition, the need to stick together so as to build a better quality of life for the community, and much more.
Ben Huntzinger fears no competition and in fact encourages competition in order to improve the options in terms of wheel chairs.  He’s looking for the best chairs at the lowest cost to the end user.  His heart is huge but he’s also a super rugged and straight forward personality.  
More About Spartan Wheel Chariots and Ben Huntzinger
Spartan Wheel Chariots is owned by a paraplegic outdoorsman who started building rugged all-terrain wheelchairs on the tailgate of his truck. Even the best wheelchairs are not designed for outdoor use. Founder Ben Huntzingerwas determined to fix that. 
Ben researched the least expensive products that still maintain strong integrity for off-road use. That way, everyone could afford an all-terrain wheelchair. He partnered with Spinergy Wheels, the "Cadillac" of wheels to identify a strong and reliable wheel with the best price per wheel. We believe everybody worldwide needs access to living. Spartan Wheel Chariots are the answer.
In 2019, Ben participated in the Georgia Chamber of Commerce's InVenture Prize Competition. He found an incredible community of support for his rugged all-terrain wheelchairs. Since then, our mission has been to partner with extraordinary people in providing an extraordinary product. We're changing lives, one wheelchair at a time.
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