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Dec 14, 2019

Branded One Crossfit is a rare non-profit gym dedicated to empowering our wounded warriors, giving back to the community, bridging the gap between the abled and disabled, and creating a fitness community dedicated to making the world a better place.  Tune in to hear the story of Branded One and the stories of the founders, some of the athletes, coaches, and the Battle at Branded One.
Interviews include Nick McCombs the founder of Branded One, Coach/Vet/Volunteer Michael Shaleen, Athlete/Vet Jimmy Hardy, Athlete/Vet/RWB Liz Freeman, and Cofounder Whitney Short.  All interviews but Nick McCombs take place on site at the Battle at Branded One.  
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More about Branded One
Branded One CrossFit was formed to benefit physically and mentally disabled servicemen and women. We have established a nonprofit CrossFit affiliate that focuses on health and fitness while bridging the gap between our disabled heroes and our abled heroes. Branded One CrossFit inspires people through their own hard work and shows them that - with support - anything is possible.
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