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Apr 23, 2018

Today we dig into all things Sam Kuhnert. Sam Kuhnert is the founder and president of Nubability. Besides running NubAbility, Sam is also an athlete, most notably playing baseball. Sam works in a bunch of realms. Sam is also a motivational speaker handling some very difficult subjects, and he is also an author and a coach. Recently, Sam was awarded the 2017 Top Outstanding Young American and 2018 National Youth Activist awards. There’s a lot more to Sam’s story and organization and you’ll hear about in this interview. Sam grew up adapting to a life with one hand. Many tried to limit Sam but Sam pushed forward and eventually made it as a baseball player in college. In college, a life-threatening illness/injury ended his college career before Sam’s graduation. After his playing career ended, Sam then moved onto his current work with his foundation Nubability. NubAbility Athletics Foundation has exploded into a global non-profit charity that helps him teach thousands of children who have differences that they too can overcome challenges and live a triumphant purpose. As the founder and coach of NubAbility Athletics Foundation and speaker, Sam spends every single day working with kids and making real changes in their lives. Sam works in a bunch of realms. You can find more about Sam and Nubability by looking below in the show notes.   Find Sam Kuhnert on Instagram, Find more about Nubability on Instagram, Facebook, and on the org’s website, This podcast is brought to you by Living Adaptive with Scott Davidson. Go to for more information. Instagram: Facebook: