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Jan 18, 2018

At the age of eighteen years old, Josh was involved in a life-altering car accident. Crushing the vertebrae C5 and C6, amongst numerous other injuries, he was diagnosed as a quadriplegic with little chance of even being able to wheel himself around. However, Josh defied the scientific odds and now thrives as a quadriplegic who is capable of walking for limited distances and defying the odds of his injury.  Josh is now participating in competitions all over this great country and spreading his infectious attitude and motivation with everyone he meets. 
Josh is a model, a motivational speaker, an advocate, amongst so much more.  Listen in as Josh and I discuss his injury, and what followed after the injury.  We get to hear about his lengthy bouts with depression and then his triumphant turn around.  He tells us how to make it happen, mean pull yourself from the depths after suffered a traumatic life altering injury.
We dive into Tinder, news anchors, modeling life, dating life, tattoos, and all kinds of other crazy stuff.  Tune in and enjoy.
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