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Dec 21, 2017

This episode is an interview with Aaron Baker. Aaron Baker was a professional motocross athlete when he suffered a pretty crazy traumatic accident. From this accident on May 26, 1999, he broke his neck. We discuss this and events in his life including what it felt like to die, which essentially happened to him days after his injury. Aaron was given a one in a million chance of regaining any function below the level of his break. Somehow, through a holistic approach, tons of optimism, work, and bunch of other tools, Aaron regained much movement. So much movement that he is now releasing a documentary about him traversing death valley. We dive into his documentary which is kicking ass right now as it starts to roll out. Aaron Baker is all over the place, he is the cofounder owner of the The Center of Restorative Exercise (C.O.R.E.), a fully accessible gym welcoming people with and without disabilities, and here a holistic approach is taken and a member can rebuild from the ground up, such as Aaron. He is competitor in all aspects, he is a motivational speaker, a leader in the community, a teacher in the sense of the videos he stars in showing others how to navigate various terrains with various disabilities, and is the focus of a rising documentary called Coming to my Senses. Aaron is one of those individuals that when he talks it’s time to listen because something profound can often be heard, so let’s listen to his story, here we go people. Thanks to Aaron Baker for sharing his story. Go follow him so you can continue to follow his story.   Love to all,happy holidays! Check out Aaron Baker on his website On Instagram On facebook at Check out the documentary This podcast is brought to you by Living Adaptive with Scott Davidson. Go to for further information. Instagram: Facebook: