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Mar 7, 2019

Tina Hurley from Less Leg More Heart joins us.  Tina is a high level adaptive athlete.  With her nonprofit, she is set on helping those struggling and she's also focused on building the adaptive community and many supporting organizations.
In this episode we discuss,
  • Tina Hurley’s story
  • Adaptive Training Foundation (ATF) and Tina’s experience at ATF
  • The story and mission of Less Leg More Heart
  • Spartan, specifically para Spartan and the 2018 championship
  • Adaptive sports and the future, this includes talk of organizations joining together for the greater good
  • Adaptive athletes rising up to train other adaptive athletes
  • Rewards of going after your passions
  • Reality Shows
  • Companies that made a difference in Tina’s life
More about Less Leg More Heart
Through her own medical journey as an amputee and her clinical experiences as a medical professional, Founder- Tina Hurley, recognized the need for further support in the newly disabled population and their loved ones.  The intent of this charity is to spread hope, decrease suffering and to enhance physical/mental viability by providing customized services/supplies to patients and their families during life changing medical circumstances.
More about Tina Hurley
Tina Hurley went through a bunch of surgeries and in 2016, Tina underwent a below-knee amputation.  Tina is diagnosed with a rare blood vessel condition, Popliteal Artery Entrapment Syndrome. Tina has a wealth of experience regarding adaptive sports and adaptive organizations, including her experience with the prestigious Adaptive Training Foundation (ATF).  Tina has the unique experience of medical practitioner and also patient.  Tina overcome substantial physical adversity and personal adversity and found a way to adapt and thrive.  
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