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Feb 15, 2019

Resiliency, Recovery, and BJJ - Maximiliano Ulloa York 

Some bad shit can happen and great things can follow.  

Maximiliano Ulloa York joins us today and shares his story of resilience after suffering a significant injury. Max is recovering from a spinal cord injury. Max is a BJJ instructor,BJJ competitor, and runs the International Jiu Jitsu without Limitations Federation and Para Jiu jitsu magazine. He is an important person in the world of adaptive Brazilian jiu jitsu.  Max is involved in a bunch of projects and organizations. He is kicking off a podcast, writes about a bunch of cool subjects, and shares BJJ instruction online with guest BJJ coaches that happen to be the best in the world. 

In the interview we discuss,

  • Max’s injury and life prior to injury.
  • Max’s road to recovery and the many obstacles he encountered.
  • Mindset and how to approach when bad stuff goes down.
  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and adaptive BJJ.
  • Max’s JJWLF and PJJ Magazine.
  • Building the adaptive world.
  • The stupid shit we did as kids.


You can find Maximiliano Ulloa York on the mats and also at the links below,


More about Max

Maximiliano started jiu jitsu prior to injury.  Max is on a quest to travel the U.S. helping others in rehab clinics and on the BJJ mats.  Max continues to positively impact others through the International Jiu Jitsu without Limitations Federation and spreading awareness for para jiu jitsu through the Para Jiu Jitsu magazine.


Resiliency, Recovery, and BJJ - Maximiliano Ulloa York 034


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