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Nov 2, 2017

In this episode Keith Gabel joins us from Aspen, Colorado where he’s focused on training for the 2018 paralympic games. Keith shares with us his story regarding how he survived witnessing the suicide of his stepfather, adapted to life after losing his leg following a terrible accident, and moving forward and becoming one of the best snowboarders shredding this planet.   Keith Gabel went through unfathomable adversity in elementary school. He was kidnapped, lived without hot water or electricity and nodded off in all-hours diners. As an 11-year-old, he spent a winter wandering the streets of Eugene, Oregon, while his mother, dealt with the suicide of her husband. As previously stated, Gabel witnessed the death of his stepfather. He watched his stepfather pull the trigger on the morning of Christmas Eve, 1995. By the time Gabel lost his lower left leg 10 years later, he knew how to handle hardship. Keith Gabel, is a snowboarding champ many times over. He’s an X Games champ, a Paralympic medalist, a World Cup competitor, he wins on the highest of levels. He is also an instructor, a mentor and speaker on behalf of the United States Olympic committee, amongst so much more. Keith has a big heart, a strong intellect, and a lot of knowledge to impart. He is one of the most remarkable individuals we’ve encountered. Please listen and enjoy this episode.   Follow Keith Gabel on: Twitter Instagram Facebook   This podcast is brought to you by Living Adaptive with Scott Davidson. Go to for further information. Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: