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Jan 11, 2020

You’ll hear from the latest and now former Tough Mudder (TM) CEO Kyle McLaughlin.  This is perhaps Kyle’s last interview prior to departing TM.  I don’t have details to share as to why Kyle left Tough Mudder, but I suggest following our friends over at Obstacle Racing Media (links below) for up-to-date information regarding TM, Spartan, and OCRs in general.  
In this interview you will find a very sincere TM CEO looking to bring TM in a different direction than past years.  Kyle was totally cool to talk with behind the scenes, he’s real and approachable.  I don’t know the direction of TM now because TM is facing potentially involuntary bankruptcy and this could include getting acquired by our friends at Spartan Race.

Anyways, you can hear Kyle McLaughlin talk about:
  • Athletes that grab the attention of TM and the TM mission going into 2020

  • Para athletes in TM and the potentials

  • Kyle tips his hat to Spartan for pushing OCRs towards the olympics and carrying the torch for the structured OCR competitions.

  • Kyle explains the difference between Spartan and TM

  • What Kyle views as the power of the TM OCR community

  • TM offers a place for therapy and a realm to help others


Personalities mention in this interview:

Jesi Stracham

Jamie Gane

Jeremy Ogle

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