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May 8, 2020

For-profit business on Living Adaptive? Yep!

This is a rare episode for the Living Adaptive because we bring on a for-profit business owner focused on creating products for the adaptive world. Living Adaptive doesn’t receive any financial gain from Access Trax.

We picked Kelly Twichel an Occupational Therapist and cofounder and CEO of Access Trax because of a lot positive feedback regarding her ability to create/sell products to the adaptive world at a reasonable price while maintaining healthy relationships. She’s a good example for anyone wanting to create a for-profit and even non-profit within the adaptive world, so listen up people!

More about Kelly Twichel

Kelly Twichel is co-founder and CEO of access trax. Kelly was led to the OT field for various reasons including after her experience as caregiver for her mother (stroke). Kelly and fiancé hang with the adaptive community on the trax and in the water.

More about Access Trax

We envision bringing communities together to help all gain access to any outdoor activity. Access Trax will be a leader in promoting inclusion and accessibility through product development, volunteerism, education, and advocacy. We will focus on providing innovative and cost-effective solutions for portable accessibility.

Find Kelly Twichel (Access Trax) here,

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