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Jan 23, 2020

Gratitude for Life with IED Survivor (U.S. Army), Cannabis Activist, Speaker, and Surfer - Jose Martinez and also Surfer and Life Coach Jacob Pacheco 
Alright, so we got Jose Martinez and Jacob Pacheco joining us from Oceanside, CA.  Jose Martinez shares his story, his insight, and how he built his platform.
Listen in to hear how Jose survived an IED and became a notable cannabis activist, surfer, speaker, amongst many other phenomena.  
Jose Martinez is a U.S Army veteran, cannabis activist, speaker, and survivor.  His story and works are featured in many notable platforms including Time Magazine, Fox, and various media outlets.
Jacob Pacheco is a professional surfer, content creator, speaker, and life coach.  He’s known for his platform “ProneToRide”.
On March 3, 2012, Army Specialist Jose Martinez was on a foot patrol with members of the 2/3 Infantry Division in Kandahar, Afghanistan. While attempting to aid a Soldier seriously injured in a blast, he stepped on another improvised explosive device (IED). The subsequent explosion resulted in the loss of both legs, his right arm, and partial amputation of his left hand.
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