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Feb 1, 2018

In this episode we pay tribute to Matthew Hadden. Sadly Matt recently passed away. If you don’t know, Matthew Hadden and I sat down and talked in episode 006, you can find this episode at or any podcasting app. In the interview Matt and I did, he details his battles through life with a terminal cancer diagnosis. Several years back, Matthew Hadden was training for his dream job when he received the devastating news of his diagnosis which was that he had a rare form of bone cancer (osteosarcoma). Matt went through various cancer treatments and numerous surgeries and did have an above the knee amputation of his left leg. He continued to embrace physical activity even after all of his surgeries and became a notable adaptive athlete. Matthew was involved in many things. His spirit and drive helped raise much awareness and funds for charities. He impacted many around him through volunteering, his spirit, and his drive.


At 28, Matthew Hadden passed on...Getting to interview Matthew Hadden was a privilege, listen into some of the clips from Matthew’s interview...


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