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Feb 22, 2019

Don’t Be Afraid to get Hurt Again - adaptdefy - Mike Brown

One moment, one accident, one really difficult event, and everything changes.  so what do you do?  Do you look back?  Do you spend your time wishing for something to be different?  Do you give up and feel sorry for yourself?  Do you live in fear of getting hurt again?  Or do you move forward?... My guest Mike Brown chose to move forward after his accident.  Tune in to hear Mike Brown's story of adapting and defying and how he built the world of adaptdefy.

Following an accident in 2012 that left Mike Brown a paraplegic he began to build his life and he eventually began to build adaptdefy.  The mission of adaptdefy is to increase freedom for wheelchair users by connecting and highlighting a global community of Adaptdefiers and developing products that help them adapt and defy, including the Lapstacker.  Mike Brown works tirelessly to connect the community of the adapt defiers.  


In this episode we discuss,

  • What is adaptdefy and what are Adaptdefiers?
  • Mike Brown’s accident and life afterwards.
  • Creations and the Kickstarter for Lapstacker.
  • Talking with and supporting those going through significant adversity.
  • Collaboration in the adaptive world, e.g. product creation, podcasting, sharing stories, etc.


Links to Mike Brown and adaptdefy below.


Lap Stacker Kick Starter Page


Don’t Be Afraid to get Hurt Again - adaptdefy - Mike Brown 035


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