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Oct 2, 2018

Pete McGregor is well known in the martial arts world, specifically Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ). Pete gave up his home, many of his possessions, and left the comforts of his hometown and is traveling the world teaching and training in BJJ. Pete McGregor is an ambassador for the sport of BJJ and also a motivational speaker.

Pete has spinal cord injury and is a complete T-7 paraplegic. Pete’s spinal cord injury occurred when he was eight years old and is the result of a multi-car accident involving a drunk driver. Pete McGregor paved the way for others to enter the combat sports world despite any sort of physical limitation.

In this interview, Pete McGregor speaks about overcoming the mental road blocks and going after your passion. McGregor tells us how he jumped out of his comfort zone and landed into one of the most dangerous combat sports, which happens to be his passion. He tells us the steps it takes to leave a comfort zone, traverse adversity, and follow your passion(s). We talk about the reality of life being finite and why going after what you really want to do is one of the highest callings possible. Also, we discuss minimizing the distractions to reach goals.

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Ritchie Martinez

Brandon Mccaghren

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Choke-out Adversity and Lead a Passionate Life - Pete McGregor - 024

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