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Jul 4, 2019

Be More Adaptive, The Active Amputee, and Prone to Ride

Today we got a stacked episode with Caitlin Conner of Be More Adaptive, Bjoern Esser of The Active Amputee, and Jacob Pacheco from Prone to Ride, so tune in.

We discuss

  • Be More Adaptive (BMA) and it’s mission, what BMA does for you, where it’s going, and supporting organizations.  Organizations discussed include Challenged Athletes Foundation, Grit Freedom Chair, Spartan, and a bunch of others.  
  • The importance of building the adaptive movement.
  • Bjoern Eser tells us about his new podcast that focuses on adaptive topics especially limb differences.
  • Jacob Pacheco talks about getting past his loss at nationals and how he plans to move forward.  We also talking about shifting from amateur athlete to elite athlete and what it takes to succeed.
  • We learn more about Prone to Ride and what content is coming up.
Timestamps of each guest:
-Caitlin Conner of Be More Adaptive at 2:40
-Bjoern Esser of The Active Amputee at 22:40
-Jacob Pacheco of Prone to Ride at 36:45
Find Caitlin Connor using the links below to her link tree, social media accounts
Find Bjoern Eser using the links below,
Find Jacob Pacheco and Prone2ride using the links below,
More about Caitlin Connor
Caitlin Connor who is an athlete, model, community builder, content creator, that runs the very notable Be More Adaptive nonprofit.  Caitlin Connor is a member of Team Some Assembly Required, Team Catapult, she’s also the first female amputee boxer in the United States and second in the world.  She’s a model with corporations like Target,a mom, an artist, and is sponsored by a bunch of organizations such as York Athletics and Swiftwick Athlete.  Recently, Caitlin Connor and Team Some Assembly Required finished in first in the Para Elite Spartan Race.  Caitlin’s previous interview with Living Adaptive:
More about Bjoern Eser
Bjoern Eser, a cancer survivor, amputee, and the creator of The Active Amputee.  The Active Amputee is regarded as an incredible resource page for amputees and it aims to inform, inspire, and engage.
Bjoern’s previous interview with Living Adaptive:
More about Jacob Pacheco
Jacob is a top adaptive surfer in the United States. Jacob is the creator of the Prone2Ride channel that highlights his adaptive life and his journey to become the best surfer possible. He lives by the motto “Keep Charging for your Dreams and Goals” and you can see this in his speaking engagements and media he produces.  Jacob’s previous interview with Living Adaptive:
Be More Adaptive, The Active Amputee, and Prone to Ride - 045


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