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Jan 11, 2019

Sean Swentek is the executive director and cofounder of the surf therapy organization A Walk on Water (AWOW).  Sean Swentek talks about his path that led to cofounding and directing A Walk on Water, what it’s like to be a part of this incredible organization, and he provides a bunch of good insight into how to get involved and even run a successful nonprofit.  Many of you listeners are involved in or even run a nonprofit, especially within the adaptive community.  Furthermore, Sean Swentek pulls the curtain back and provides some insight into the model that makes A Walk on Water successful.  Sean is a really altruistic person from southern California.  His work and the organization A Walk on Water has managed to change the lives of many so tune in.
In this episode you hear,
  • What is A Walk on Water and who is Sean Swentek.
  • What is it like to attend an AWOW event and what goes into running a AWOW event.
  • How AWOW has impacted many lives.
  • What is surf therapy and how does one become involved.
  • Reasons why AWOW thrives as a nonprofit and lessons learned from running a successful nonprofit.  We get to pull back the curtain and see how AWOW functions.
  • The importance of partnerships, involving stakeholders, and focusing on doing what an organization does best.
  • Ideas on how to operate and participate in a successful nonprofit.
  • The therapeutic abilities of water.  
More About A Walk on Water
"A Walk On Water (“AWOW”) provides Surf Therapy to children with special needs or disability. The ocean’s transformative properties empower our participants, who enjoy a much-deserved day of laughter, love, and acceptance alongside their family. For one perfect, restorative day at the beach, there are no labels. Everyone is an Athlete.  AWOW Surf Therapy is more than just surfing: the entire family unit is treated to a well-deserved day of respite, complete with healthy food and drink, live music, art, yoga, and more."
More About Sean Swentek
 Sean was born in Santa Cruz, CA and came from a very financially difficult family situation and has always relished the opportunity to improve the lives of those in need. He started his volunteer career 15 years ago with Special Olympics Southern California, also spending time with Children’s Miracle Network and Surfers Healing. It was on the beach with Surfers Healing that Sean first met Pat Notaro III, and an instant bond was formed over a shared desire to better the lives of those in need.
More About Surf Therapy
Surf Therapy is defined as a form of water therapy whereby the participant is introduce to the ocean and surfing through guided surf instruction, either tandem surfing with an instructor on the same board, or surfing solo with close instructor oversight. Surf Therapy has been shown to have myriad positive effects.
Below are the websites and social media links for AWOW, Sean Swentek, and the International Surf Therapy Organization.
A Walk on Water - Sean Swentek - 030
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