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May 22, 2018

In this episode we have Jenny Qaqundah. We talk about recovery from her near-death experience, adapting to limb loss, PTSD, and bunch of other phenomena. Jenny shares with us her story and the tools she used to adapt to the tough stuff that Jenny encountered and currently navigates. We also dive into the importance of surrounding oneself with a community.   Jenny is an author, nurse, well known herbalist, and amputee. In 2014 a very health conscious Jenny fell into a coma proceeding a routine medical procedure gone wrong this led to her becoming an amputee. Jenny Q has over the last 4 years suffered through: sepsis, near death, a coma, six months in the ICU, and over 50 surgeries. She lost both her legs, five fingers, and precious time with her beloved daughter and her new sweetheart. She returned home to a long struggle, regaining health and rebuilding her life.   Jenny began writing about her experience during her recovery and those reflections are now a book, "Held Together", filled with poems, prose and essays about a village coming together, suffering together, celebrating together, and falling in love together. The book is really unique because the book isn’t just Jenny's writings, but that of her community, as she's asked them to contribute their perspectives of this experience as well. Though Held Together is a riveting story of the power of love and the strength of community, it will also serve and inspire many who are disabled, caregivers, addicts, recovering addicts, near death survivors, burn victims, amputees, PTSD sufferers, light warriors, mothers and more. Find Jenny Qaqundah on Facebook at: Jenny’s website: Jenny’s store website: This podcast is brought to you by Living Adaptive with Scott Davidson. Go to for more information. Instagram: Facebook: