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Jul 27, 2017

005 Brandon Ryan - Adaptive Defense Instructor, Author, Entrepreneur, and Life Coach In this episode you will hear my interview with Brandon Ryan. Brandon Ryan was born prematurely. As a result, there was internal bleeding and damage to his brain and nervous system. His form of cerebral palsy primarily affects the right side of his body and his legs. It’s difficult for him to balance, stand for more than two minutes or walk the length of a football field. He has three books out now, two are the “The Emotional Struggle” and “Hunger for Touch,” that detail his coming to terms with his body and how others treat him because of his differences. Brandon has developed the Adaptive Defense Methods system and his aim is to bring easy to learn self protection and self defense methods to people with various adaptive needs. He is well know in the martial arts community, specifically the Brazilian jujitsu community. Listen to this interview to hear Brandon describe how he navigated the ups-and-downs of his life, such as periods of depression, etc. and learn more about what Brandon is currently working on and his plans for the future. Brandon imparts great advice on how to deal uncertainty and difficulties. Contact Brandon Ryan on instagram at: Purchase Brandon Ryan’s books at: This podcast is brought to you by Living Adaptive with Scott Davidson. Go to for further information. Instagram: Facebook: